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7 days and counting...

Here’s what you can do this week to get ready.

1. Sort out your bunch

Around the Bay only happens once a year, pick your mates carefully.  For an amazing day, you’ll need a bunch that ticks all the boxes.

  • The Joker: always up for a ride and loves a laugh, you’ll see them shamelessly pull out the selfie stick to snap off a few quick shots.
  • The Motivator: They’ll get you and the team riding throughout winter and help you get up Oliver’s HIll when your legs say “no can do”.
  • The Overpacker: It’s always handy to be riding with someone who has spare tubes, extra nutrition, lip balm, and anything else you might need on the road. 
  • The Fashionista: Always wearing perfectly colour coordinated socks and cap, they’ll always be able to make sure you’re riding in style.See example
  • The Show pony: Loves popping a wheelie or riding backwards “just because they can”. See example

2. Set yourself a goal to help disadvantaged kids

Around the Bay is a personal challenge, but it also helps disadvantaged children stay in education. Watch how your efforts will help the over 600,000 disadvantaged kids that struggle every day and set yourself a fundraising target for The Smith Family. 


3. Schedule out your winter mornings

Training for an event during winter is the best way to stay fit when the weather’s not stellar. Write out a training program and plan your ride schedule early with the mates, so you’ve got no chance to hit snooze come winter.   

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