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Set the goal of taking part in Australia’s largest one day bike ride with your school team. Start your training by regularly riding to school and enter the Ride2School 50km or 100km in Bupa Around the Bay today.

The Ride2School 50km and 100km options provide your school with a goal to work towards all year. By encouraging an active travel culture within your school, you are not only showing your school is committed to a healthy lifestyle, you are also assisting your students with preparing for their ride.

The Ride2School 50km ride goes to Altona, for the same route and same high level of support as the Bupa 50km ride option. The Ride2School 100km ride goes to Frankston, for the same route and same high level of support as the 100km Frankston Return ride option.

Our Ride2School Team can help you build an active travel culture within your school community and assist with building bike education into your school curricululm. To ensure your school team gets the most out of their ride, our Ride2School Team also recommend organising a few longer rides into your school calendar.


About the Ride2School Program

With over seven years’ experience working with schools just like yours to create an active travel culture, our Ride2School Team here to help you. Find out more about the Ride2School program and feel free to get in touch with the team on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email or phone 1800 639 634.