The Bike Futures Sydney Conference 2016 will feature a range of great speakers with practical and hands-on experience in the provision of high-quality cycling infrastructure for our communities.

Keynote Presentation

Professor Chris Pettit

Inaugural Chair of Urban Science, University of New South Wales

Mapping cycle journeys through Australian cities - CityViz

Professor Pettit is the inaugural Chair of Urban Science at the University of New South Wales (2015) and Associate Director of City Analytics, City Futures Research Centre. His expertise is in the convergence of the fields of spatial planning and GIS and he has published more than 120 peer reviewed papers in this area. For the last 15 years he has been undertaking research and development in the use of GIS and mapping technologies for creating what if? land-use change scenarios at the land parcel level across municipalities and cities. In relation to this research he was Chief Investigator on the AURIN open source What if? project and is the Chief investigator for a CRC-Spatial Information project – Rapid Analytics Interactive Scenario Explorer (RAISE Toolkit).

Professor Pettit is also currently undertaking research into spatial measures of liveability and their adoption by policy and decision makers. He is working with Professor Billie Giles Corti as  a Co-Chief Investigator on the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Healthy, Liveable and Equitable Communities and co-CI on the NHMRC Australian Prevention Partnership Centre project: Reconnecting urban planning with health: The development and validation of national liveability indicators associated with chronic disease risk factors and health outcomes.

Speakers & Presenters

Heather Nesbitt

Social Commissioner, Greater Sydney Commission

Heather Nesbitt has over 30 years’ experience in social sustainability, social housing, community infrastructure planning and social impact assessment. She has primarily worked on major greenfield and urban renewal projects, including public/social housing for government, non-profit and the private sector. Heather is committed to researching and delivering social outcomes which improve quality of life and well-being. She has significant experience in ensuring stakeholder and community consultation outcomes are considered in all projects.

Challenges and opportunities for bicycle infrastructure in Sydney


Stephen Moore and Richard Stuetz

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNSW, Australia

Stephen Moore is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. His research interests include:

  • Preparation of environmental management plans for industrial regions and complexes, and development of environmental material accounting techniques, particularly material flux analysis.
  • Providing information from environmental material accounting tools to move regional economies and corporations in a sustainable direction.

Professor Stuetz's research is in the fate of contaminants in atmospheric and aquatic systems within specific interests in:

  • Measurement of odorous emissions 
  • Treatment of odours and atmospheric emissions from wastewater, wastewater and intensive animal operation
  • The application of on-line instrumentation for monitoring water and wastewater quality using specific and non-specific sensor systems
  • Biological monitoring and process control of wastewater treatment
  • Bioprocesses for treatment of water and wastewater

Prior to his appointment, Richard was at the Centre for Water Sciences, Cranfield University, UK where he pursued research in water and wastewater treatment, process monitoring and odour assessment and treatment.

He is member of International Water Association (IWA) and Australian Water Association (AWA).

Attitudes towards minimum passing distance laws


Callan Jones

Senior Transport Planner at Arup

Callan has over nine years of transport engineering experience from Arups Melbourne and London offices. He is Chartered Professional Engineer and has significant experience in innovative intersection designs in both Australia and the UK.  His experience on projects such as the Streamlining Hoddle Street, CBD Fringe and Essendon Fields DDI shows his wide ranging experience at major and complex intersections. Through these projects and attending the UK cycling conference and seminars on the protected intersection concept, Callan gained significant urban and transport planning knowledge and understands how innovative treatments can help shape great walking and cycling cities. His knowledge and understanding in transport issues is vast providing sound solutions to challenging issues.

Protected bicycle intersections - What is possible? What is doable?


Jonathan Daly (The Change Collective), James Adams (City of Sydney), Daniel Mustata (VicRoads), Cameron Munro (CDM Research)

Prevention of bicycle car door crashes – Three research and evaluation projects. Curated by Inner Melbourne Safe Active Travel (IMSAT)


Michael Dean, Stephen Moore and Richard Stuetz

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering UNSW, Australia

Quantifying cycling demand from GPS data


Anne Grunseit

Prevention Research Collaboration, School of Public Health, University of Sydney

Dr Anne Grunseit is Senior Research Fellow (Evaluation Analyst) in the Rapid Response Evaluation Capacity of the Australian Prevention Partnership Centre based at the Prevention Research Collaboration (PRC) at the University of Sydney, where she has been working for the past seven years. She has over 20 years’ experience in behavioural epidemiology, evaluation and social research with government, university and non-government organisations. Most recently at PRC, she has conducted qualitative and quantitative analyses with a range of health prevention topics including physical activity, sedentary behaviour, risk factors for obesity, unhealthy food advertising to children, and tobacco control. Anne has also conducted a number of evaluation studies including impact of the implementation of sit-stand desks in a government workplace, an obesity prevention mass media campaign and of the NSW Quitline smoking cessation service.

Neil Donnelly

NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research

Neil has over 25 years of research and evaluation experience in a number of areas including public health, epidemiology and quantitative criminology. The expertise which he has developed in the application of complex statistical methods has been a very important component of what he has provided to this research. He has also been very successful completing deadlines for concurrent research and evaluation projects.

Chris Deaner 

Northern Beaches Council

Chris is an urban planner with lengthy and diverse specialist experience in leisure, sport, recreation and open space strategic planning. She has experience in working in State and Local Government, Community Organisations and Consultancy.

Closing the loop: Increasing cycling on a recreational trail


Nicholas Cranney

School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNSW

End-of-trip cycling facilities in Green Star rated commercial building


Al Reid

Managing Director, CyclePort

CyclePort the world's first universal automated bike sharing system


Lindsay Menday

Sustainable Transport Project Coordinator, North Sydney

Planning, designing and community consultation for separated bike facilities


Elizabeth Krassoi


The role of electric assist bicycles in encouraging more people to ride