Location and Venue

University of New South Wales

The University and the larger Sydney region will provide the backdrop for the Bike Futures Conference.

Tyree Room and Alumni Terrace - Scientia Centre, UNSW


Getting there and away

The Tyree Centre is in UNSW's main campus in the suburb of Kensington and about 9km from Sydney CBD and 6km from Sydney Airport.

  • Bus  - from Martin Place - about 40min; from airport 50mins (two buses)
  • Drive - about 25 mins from Sydney CBD; 15min from airport (non-peak
  • Cycle - about 40min from Sydney CBD; 24 min from airport

From the UNSW Webpage - Every weekday Kensington Campus generates more than 60,000 trips to and from work and study making it the largest single destination for people in the Eastern Suburbs.

With nearly 1,700 UNSW Express Bus services per week the campus is easy to get to via public transport no matter where you are travelling from. The full complement of transport options, depending on your original location, include: cycling, walkingcarpooling, driving, bustrain and ferry services.

View the Kensington Campus map.

Or explore the campus with our Virtual Tour.

Getting Around

Walking around the UNSW Kensington Campus is easy and pleasant.