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Returning from VeloCity14 Adelaide in May I felt inspired and exasperated.

Inspired to hear stories from around the world of cities that have transformed themselves by acting decisively to quickly spun themselves 180 degrees into livable, bike friendly places.

Exasperated to be left wondering – how can we do that in Australia? The overseas stories often come with top down support. But with no federal commitment for bike infrastructure, Australia’s local areas are left to do the best they can.

Bike Futures is where inspiring ideas are converted into reality. Where the Australian bike industry gather to share their knowledge and experience. It’s where you can work out how to transform your own backyard even without support from the federal government.

I look forward to seeing you in Melbourne in October as incredible people come together to work out how to make Australia the most physically active, bike friendly country in the world. 

Craig Richards, CEO, Bicycle Network