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Hobart4Liverpool St [NE], Campbell St [SE], Liverpool St [SW], Campbell St [NW]15 E4409673-
Hobart4Bathurst St [NE], Elizabeth St [SE], Bathurst St [SW], Elizabeth St [NW]15 D5409771-
Hobart4Melville St [NE], Murray St [SE], Melville St [SW], Murray St [NW]15 D5409837-
Hobart4Davey St [NE], Argyle St [SE], Davey St [SW], Argyle St [NW]15 E54099170-
Hobart4Bathurst St [NE], Harrington St [SE], Bathurst St [SW], Harrington St [NW]15 C5410049-
Hobart3Morrison St [NE], Castray Esp [SE], Murray St [NW]15 E64101129-
Hobart5Davey St [NE], Saint Davids Park [E], Sandy Bay Rd [SE], Davey St [SW], Harrington St [NW]15 D64102--
Hobart4Goulburn St [NE], Molle St [SE], Goulburn St [SW], Molle St [NW]15 C6410329-
Hobart4Collins St [NE], Molle St [SE], Bike Route [SW], Molle St [NW]15 C6410480-
Hobart4Hampden Rd [E], Sandy Bay Rd [SW], Hampden Rd [NW], Sandy Bay Rd [N]15 E64105100-
Hobart4Albuera St [SE], Byron St [S], Fitzroy Plc [SW], Molle St [NW]15 D7410646-
Hobart3Macquarie St [NE], Southern Outlet [SE], Macquarie St [W]15 C74107104-
Hobart5Fitzroy Pl [NE], Regent St [SE], Digney St [SW], Fitzroy Cres [W], Antill St [NW]15 C7410863-
Hobart4King St [E], Regent St [S], King St [W], Regent St [N]15 D8410937-
Hobart4Davey St [NE], Lynton Ave [E], Huon Rd [SW], Darcy St [NW]15 B8411044-
Hobart4Marieville Esp [NE], Sandy Bay Rd [SE], Earl St [SW], Sandy Bay Rd [NW]15 E94111109-
Hobart4Alexander St [NE], Grosvenor Cres [SE], Alexander St [SW], Grosvenor St [N]15 E9411238-
Hobart4Churchill Ave [NE], Churchill Ave [SE], College Rd [S], French St [NW]18 1D411335-
Hobart3Churchill Ave [SE], Nelson Rd [SW], Churchill Ave [NW]18 D1411425-
Hobart3Sandy Bay Rd [S], Churchill Ave [NW], Sandy Bay Rd [N]19 C4411557-
Hobart4Risdon Rd [NE], Brooker Hwy [SE], Risdon Rd [SW], Brooker Hwy [NW]12 B74089--
Hobart3Tower Rd [E], New Town Rd [SE], New Town Rd [NW]11 F7409018-
Hobart4Bay Rd [N], Intercity Path [E], Bay Rd [S], Intercity Path [W]12 A84091202-
Hobart3Intercity Cycleway up river [E], City [S], Tasman Bridge [NW]15 F14092299-
Hobart4Giblin St [N], Augusta Rd [E], Giblin St [S], Augusta Rd [NW]14 1E409324-
Hobart4Wilson St [NE], Elizabeth St [S], Augusta Rd [W], New Town Rd [N]15 B2409456-
Hobart4Burnett St [NE], Argyle St [SE], Burnett St [SW], Argyle St [NW]15 C3409545-
Kingborough4Channel Hwy [NE], Beach Rd [SE], Channel Hwy [W], Southern Outlet [NW]20 D8411626-
Kingborough4Southern Outlet [N], Channel Hwy [E], Channel Hwy [SW], Summerleas Rd [W]20 D8411716-
Kingborough5Channel Hwy [NE], Algona Rd/Bike path [E], Huntingfield Ave [S], Channel Hwy [SW], Kingston Bypass [N]22 F14118--
Kingborough3Roslyn Ave [NE], Roslyn Ave [S], Algona Rd [NW]23 E441198-
Clarence4Goodwood Rd [NE], East Derwent Hwy [E], Bowen Bridge [SW], East Derwent Hwy [NW]33 B840699-
Clarence4Clinton Rd [N], East Derwent Hwy [S], Geilston Bay Rd [W], East Derwent Hwy [NW]34 B840703-
Clarence4Tasman Hwy [N], Cambridge Rd off ramp [SE], Tasman Hwy [S], Cambridge Rd on ramp [NW]38 A140717-
Clarence4Gordons Hill Rd/Beach Rd [E], East Derwent Hwy [S], Beach Rd [SW], East Derwent Hwy [NW]36 D24072--
Clarence3Esplanade [NE], Ballawinnie Rd [SE], Esplanade [SW]36 C2407343-
Clarence5Tasman Hwy Outbound [NE], Tasman Hwy Inbound [E], Riawena Rd [SE], Tasman Bridge [SW], Marana Ave/Topham St [NW]36 B54074120-
Clarence4Bligh St [E], Gordons Hill Rd [S], Bligh St [SW], Gordons Hill Rd [N]36 E5407511-
Clarence4Cambridge Rd [NE], Clarence St [E], Cambridge Rd [SW], Clarence Foreshore Track [N]36 E84076--
Clarence4Wentworth St [N], Clarence St [E], Wentworth St [S], Clarence St [W]37 B8407732-
Clarence3High St [N], Alexandra Esp [E], Clarence Foreshore Trail [W]37 A9407819-
Clarence4Shoreline Dr [N], Clarence St [SE], Howrah Rd [S], Clarence St [W]37 E9407919-
Clarence3Acton Rd [N], South Arm Rd [E], South Arm Rd [W]42 F6408010-
Glenorchy3Main Rd [N], Main Rd [SE], Abbotsfield Rd [SW]9 D2408118-
Glenorchy6Intercity Cycleway [N], Cadbury Rd [NE], Cadbury Rd [SE], Intercity Cycleway [S], Claremont Link Rd [SW], Main Rd [NW]9 E4408245-
Glenorchy3Main Rd [N], Main Rd [SE], Berriedale Rd [W]9 D840835-
Glenorchy4Centre Rd [N], Goodwood Rd [E], Howard Rd [S], Goodwood Rd [W]11 E1408414-
Glenorchy4Elwick Rd [NE], Intercity Cycleway [E], Elwick Rd [SW], Intercity Cycleway [W]11 B34085107-
Glenorchy4Tolosa St [N], Bowden St [SE], Tolosa St [S], Bowden St [NW]11 A4408666-
Glenorchy4Derwent Park Rd [NE], Brooker Hwy [SE], Derwent Park Rd [W], Brooker Hwy [NW]11 F4408716-
Glenorchy4Derwent Park Rd [NE], Main Rd [SE], Springfield Ave [SW], Main Rd [NW]11 D5408819-

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Not in survey0
No data1
Sites completed50 out of 51 or 98.0%

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