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General Info - When is the ride? Where's the start? Where do I park? Tips on catching public transport
Ride directions
Entry Information -
Minimum age, cost, and changing/transferring your entry
My KitHow do I collect my kit? Do I get timed? How do I choose jersey size?
Event Merchandise
Valet ServiceDoes this apply to me? What's the process?
Start/Finish procedure - Where and when do I start? What's at the end?
Training and preparation - Are there training rides?
What happened to the 210km Clockwise and 210km Queenscliff rides?
Food - What food is included? Where do I collect it?
Ferry Process
Terms and Conditions

General Information

When is the ride?
Sunday 9 October 2016

Where is the start?
All ride options start and finish at Alexandra Gardens in Melbourne (except the 100km Sorrento ride, which starts in Sorrento and the 135km which starts in Geelong).

Where is parking near the start of the ride?

We have created a suggested public parking map which highlights public parking close to Alexandra Gardens. Please note these are all privately run car parks and are all subject to their own terms of entry.

What are the ride options?
The distances are 20km, 50km, 100km, 135km, 160km, 210km and 250km.

Tips on catching public transport
Catching public transport to the start line of the event is great alternative to the event. The time table to public transport options can be found here. Don't forget your MYKI card to be able to use public transport as an option.

Ride Directions

Which direction does the 250km ride go?
Anti-clockwise, via Queenscliff first.

I want to ride to Queenscliff first - which ride option do I choose?
Choose the 210km Anti-clockwise or 250km.

I want to ride to Sorrento and back to Melbourne and not go on the ferry- which ride option do I choose?
Choose the 210km Sorrento return.

Which way does the Geelong ride go?

The 135km ride starts in Geelong then heads anti-clockwise to Queenscliff, crossing the bay on the ferry then riding from Sorrento to Alexandra Gardens.

What is the 160km ride option?

In 2016 Bicycle Network are trialling a 160km Rosebud return ride! Taking in the beautiful scenery of the Mornington Peninsula, this ride option is a great step for anyone who has previously tackled the 100km option, or just a new ride to enjoy.


Entry information

How can I enter?
You can enter via the Bicycle Network website and via phone. 

Is there a portion of the entry fee that goes to The Smith Family?
No, your entry fee supports Bicycle Network in improving the conditions for all bike riders. To support The Smith Family help disadvantaged Australian children to realise their potential through education you need to fundraise.

Is there a minimum age to participate?
Yes. For the 135km, 160km, 210km and 250km distances, riders must be aged 15yrs or older on the day of the ride. For the 50km and 100km distances, riders must be aged 12yrs* or older on the day of the ride. For the 20km ride, all ages can participate. *Riders aged 12-15yrs, must be accompanied on the ride by a participant over the age of 18yrs.

When is entry complete?
Entry is complete when all required information is filled in and payment has been processed.

What if I don’t complete payment when I enter?
Your place will not be confirmed until payment is received and personal information is complete.

2016 Pricing

Note: pricing subject to change

   2016 Early Bird 2016 Standard
20km  $37.00 $40.00
50km  $79.00 $89.00
100km Frankston return $135.00 $160.00
100km Sorrento - Melbourne $135.00 $160.00
135km Geelong - Melbourne $149.00 $169.00
160km Rosebud return  $155.00 $180.00
210km Anti-clockwise $210.00 $235.00
210km Sorrento return $160.00 $185.00
250km Anti-clockwise $210.00 $235.00


Can I change my ride option?

After Sunday 18 September 2016, no further changes are allowed online to your ride option or ride preferences including transport, ride transfers, valet, jersey size, meal preference or average speed. 

In order to change your ride option, please come down to the troubleshooting desk at Alexandra Gardens from Friday 7 October – Sunday 9 October with your rider kit if it has been posted out to you.  

There is an additional $10 admin fee associated with issuing a new rider kit.

Can I transfer my ride entry?

After Sunday 18 September 2016 you will not be able to transfer ride entries online. 

Please come down to the troubleshooting desk at Alexandra Gardens from Friday 7 October – Sunday 9 October with the original rider kit (if posted) and a transfer will be organized for you. There is an additional $10 admin fee associated with issuing a new rider kit.

How do I assign tickets to riders?

Follow this how-to guide, which will take you through the steps to assign ride tickets to riders.

How do I enter / update my preferences (jersey size, average speed, meal)?

After Sunday 18 September 2016 you can no longer update your preferences. Please visit the troubleshooting desk at Alexandra Gardens from 7-9 October.  

What transport options are available on the day of the ride?

Please visit our Ride Services page for more information on transport options.


Kit collection

Riders can opt to collect their kit in the lead up to the event. The times and locations of the kit collection are listed below. 

                               Alexandra Gardens
Date Friday 7 October Saturday 8 October Sunday 9 October
Time 12pm - 7pm 10am - 5pm 4.30am - 8am

Option to have kit posted to you

If you paid for postage before August 28, you can expect to receive your rider kits in the mail from the 14 September. Please be patient – all kits will be posted by Monday 3 October.

Not sure if you paid for postage? Log into your profile and go to My Activities. Select Around the Bay and check out your preferences.

Can I collect a rider kit on behalf of someone else?

Yes - please ensure that you have the rider ID and full name of the person that you’re collecting the rider kit for. 

What's in the rider kit?

Included in your rider kit is:

  • Your event jersey/rider shirt (early bird only)
  • Ride guide
  • Rider number plate (for event timing)
  • Wrist band (indicating start wave and lunch)
  • Cable ties to attach your number plate to your bike
  • Sponsor collateral
  • Purchased merchandise

All riders must correctly attach their number plate and wrist band.

The wrist band is essential for lunch collection/snacks and identifying start waves.

Please do not wrap your number plate around your head stem as the timing chip will not work.

How does my ride get timed?

All riders will have a timing tag attached to the back of their rider number plate. This will record rider times crossing the start line, the ferry points and the finish to give an accurate active riding time. If riders do not cross the start or finish mat they will not receive a time. All times will be available by 5pm Monday 17 October.

Event jersey


Jersey exchanges

To swap your jersey for the correct size, please bring your event jersey to Alexandra Gardens from the 7 - 9 October during the following times. Sizes are subject to availability.  

In order to have your jersey / rider shirt exchanged, you must return it unworn with the original tags in place.


                             Alexandra Gardens


Friday 7 October

Saturday 8 October

Sunday 9 October


12pm - 7pm

10am - 5pm

4.30am - 8am




Welcome to your Official Around the Bay 2016 Merchandise!

Click on any image to proceed to our online Shop
Postage is included, and items will be shipped out from Sept 1 - happy shopping!

Around the Bay Knicks - $
HUB's Premium Bib Knick, designed for maximum on bike comfort.
Bib is cut to remain tight on bike. Elastic Interface Chamois are industry leaders, and the stitched Endurance Chamois is perfect for long days in the hills! 
Women's specific chamois is used in our women's kit.

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Around the Bay Gillet - $100

Elite Race Fit and unisex design; fitted in all the right places! 
Wind block front with full length zip, rear features a full mesh fabric with 3 deep pockets, perfect for long days on the bike.

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Around the Bay Socks - $30

6inch / 15cm cuff, Elasticated foot for snug fit, Terry finished forefoot for clipped-in comfort, the sock stands tall thanks to the high Lycra content and light elastic top cuff.
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Around the Bay Sun Sleeve - $30

Sun sleeve, SPF 50+, compliments the kit design perfectly. Light enough to wear all day or keep in your back pocket, perfect for early downhill starts to keep the chill off!
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Around the Bay Winter Sleeve - $30

Winter weight brushed fleece, designed to keep you warm when it's really cold! 
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Around the Bay Waterbottle - $20

Made in Australia to meet strict quality control, bottles have a screw cap, are BPA free, and made from food grade plastics.
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Around the Bay Cycling Cap - $30

Features the logo under peak. Close fitting cap designed to wear under helmet.
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Around the Bay Hoody - $70
Made from 100% navy un-brushed cotton fleece, with large chest logo and Around the Bay profile icon on back.
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Around the Bay Crew Sweatshirt - $60

Made from 98% navy dyed un-brushed cotton, with small Around the Bay logo on chest left, and rear Around the Bay profile icon.
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Around the Bay T-shirt - $40
Made from 98% navy dyed cotton, with small Around the Bay logo on chest left, and rear Around the Bay profile icon. Longer tee length, consider going down a size!
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Valet Service

There is an optional valet service for all riders passing through either Sorrento, Queenscliff or starting in Geelong. This service costs $10 - $20 and must be paid for in advance.

Riders with valet service will receive an A4 sized plastic satchel that they can use to carry items they may want when they arrive at the rest stop stop. This may include a fresh kit, extra nutrition or spare tubes. Riders with valet will also receive a second satchel to return anything back to the finish. Previous riders have used this return service to transport spare tubes they don't need or warm layers. The return satchel will be available for pick-up at the finish site.

Where do I collect my rider valet satchels?

Rider valet satchels can be collected from the Bicycle Network marquee at the Around the Bay Festival

How do I drop off my valet satchel?

Valet satchels must be returned to the Bicycle Network marquee at the Around the Bay Festival by Saturday 8 October at 5pm. At this time the valet items will be transported to their destination.

How do I collect my returned valet items after I finish?

After the ride on Sunday 9 October, valet satchels be available from the bag drop area from 3:30pm at the Around the Bay Festival in Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne. Please note that there may be a period of time between when riders finish and the valet bags becoming available.


Start and Finish procedures

Where do I start from?

All ride options start and finish at Alexandra Gardens in Melbourne (except the 100km Sorrento ride, which starts in Sorrento and the 135km which starts in Geelong).

What time do I start?

Head to the Route options page for all starting times. Each ride distance will depart in waves according to allocated average speed groups. When you arrive at the start line, please assemble in the zone which displays your nominated speed as indicated on your wrist band.

All recumbent, hand powered and non-standard bicycles must assemble at the rear of the starting area.

What happens at the end of the ride?
After riders have completed their personal challenge, they can enjoy the Around the Bay Festival including live entertainment, public bar, food vendors, and the not to be missed, GoBike Expo.


Training and preparation

How do I get ready to take on my chosen ride option?

This year all of the training nutrition mechanical and other plans for getting ready can be found in the Training Tips.

Are there training rides this year?

Yes, and they are open to all rider who are registered or thinking of registering for the ride, more information is in the Training Tips.

Where can I see a copy of past Around the Bay enews?

All enews are available on our website within the Latest News section of the website.


What happened to the 210km Clockwise and 210km Queenscliff rides?

The number of riders entering these two ride options has significantly decreased over the years, and sat at an all-time low for Around the Bay 2015.

By removing these two ride options, Bicycle Network can place additional resources and efforts into improving other areas of the event – which now includes a new 160 km ride option.

We would encourage anyone who has entered these 210km ride options in the past to take the opportunity to ride the iconic 210 km Anti Clockwise or 210 km Sorrento Return ride option. Or why not challenge yourself and give the 250km a crack?



What food is included in entry?
The following rides include lunch and a snack.

  • 250km
  • 210km
  • 160km
  • 135km
  • 100km

Please note that the lunch is not intended to provide full nutrition for these ride distances. Riders are expected to adequately cater for their nutritional requirements while undertaking their chosen ride distance. For a guide please see the nutrition and training page.


There will be three lunch options available: meat, vegetarian and gluten free. 

If you are participating in the 20km ride or 50km ride you will receive a snack.

Where do l collect my food on the ride?

  • 250km - Queenscliff
  • 210km Anti-Clockwise - Queenscliff
  • 210km Sorrento Return - Sorrento
  • 160km - Frankston
  • 135km - Mordialloc
  • 100km - Alexandra Gardens (after finishing)
  • 50km - Alexandra Gardens (after finishing)
  • 20km - Alexandra Gardens (after finishing)


Ferry Process

Are you participating in the 135km, 210 Anti, or 250km ride distances?

If so, please make yourself familiar with the NEW ferry loading process for 2016.


1. You must collect your Ferry Sticker from the ferry allocation area. No sticker, no ferry boarding. Different colours co-ordinate with different departure times.

2. Listen for updates over the public address system "Riders with a blue sticker, please make your way to the ferry loading area"

3. Promptly move to the standby area / ferry loading area

4. If you miss boarding the ferry when your sticker colour is announced, you will not simply be able to board the next ferry. Priority will be given to riders who's sticker colour coordinates with the departure time.
Please follow instructions from the Around the Bay volunteers at the standby area if you miss your ferry.

5. We estimate only 20-80 standby riders will be able to board each ferry after the allocated riders have boarded.

What are the ferry times? 

Around the Bay ferries will run from 7am–1pm. All riders must have their ticket on them and be ready to load the ferry 15 minutes before the departure time. 

Ferry times:

Terms and Conditions

Updated sections as of 14/06/2016:

  • Entry Requirements
  • Age Requirements
  • Mode of Transport
  • Exclusive Promotional Offer

To view and download the full events terms and conditions, click here.