210km Anti-clockwise

The 210km rides are the stronghold rides of Around the Bay. The ferry process will continue to be improved and riders will experience superior rest stops and greater route signage.

In 2016, Bicycle Network will not be running the 210km clockwise or 210km Queenscliff return ride option. Click here for more information on why. We encourage you to take the opportunity to try the iconic anti-clockwise option or the beautiful 210km Sorrento Return ride both with the new 17km of coastal riding. 

New coastal riding on closed roads:

This year, the 210km rides will benefit from 17km of coastal riding between Safety Beach and Mornington, arguably the most beautiful stretch of the bay. This will include 6.5km of closed roads (north bound) between Safety Beach and Mount Martha.

210km Anti-clockwise

Route description

Melbourne - Queenscliff - Ferry - Sorrento - Melbourne

The 210km Anti-clockwise ride starts in Alexandra Gardens, travels to Queenscliff via Geelong where the ferry then transports riders to Sorrento for the ride back to Melbourne via iconic Beach Rd, to the finish line in Alexandra Gardens. 


Click here to view the route in Google Maps for more detail.*

Click here to download the 210km Anti-clockwise route map so you can upload to your compatible mobile app or GPS device to follow on the day.**


The 210km anti-clockwise follows a similar profile to the 250km ride. Tracing the outline of Melbourne’s Port Philip Bay, the route is relatively flat with just over 900 metres of elevation gain. The steepest parts of the 210 anti-clockwise ride option occur at the Westgate Bridge (400 metres of climbing), Leopold (roughly 1km of climbing), Wallington (roughly 2.5km of climbing),then just a gradual climb with some rollers thrown in for 6km as you come out of Mornington and head towards Frankston (the profile looks a lot worse than it is).

Key times and locations:

  • Start: First wave departs 5:30am from Alexandra Gardens
  • First Ferry: 07:00am
  • Last Ferry: 01:00pm
  • Finish Location: Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne
  • Price: $210.00 (early bird), $235.00 (standard)

Your Rest Areas:

Ferry times

Departure time Bike capacity
7:00am 600
7:30am 450
8:00am 600
9:00am 600
9:30am 450
10:00am 600
11:00am 600
11:30am 450
12:00pm 600
1:00pm 450

Please have your ticket on you and be ready to load the ferry 15 minutes before the departure time.

Welcome to your Super Rest Stops!

Super Rest Stops are located at Geelong and Frankston

*You do need a Google account to get the extra detail. You can create a free Google account here.

**Route is subject to change without notice. During the event, please always follow route signage or instructions of our route marshals.