What do I take?

Around the Bay is a fully supported ride, with food and water provided at the rest stops and mechanical assistance on route should you need it. If you take on the 20km or 50km option, you'll get a snack at the finish line. 100km+ riders will get a snack plus lunch out on the road.  

There are some extra things that you should bring with you to make the day enjoyable even more enjoyable for your family.

Lots of snacks

Little bodies burn up a lot of fuel on a bike ride, so you don’t want them running out. Snack stops break up the day too, keeping the pace kid-friendly. Choose foods in small portions that are quick bites to eat and go - e.g. lollies, jelly beans, grapes, cut up fruit or biscuits. 

Plenty of water

You’ll all go through lots of water too. Have at least one water bottle for each rider and make use of the water refill stations at the rest stops to take on more.


Bike riding is an outdoor activity and whether it's raining, overcast or beaming sun you'll be exposed to UV rays, so sunscreen is a must.


It’s Melbourne—it might be nice now but it could be cold later. It’s best to carry rain jackets and a warm top for everyone. Sunglasses are a good idea too. 

And maybe some tools…

It’s a good idea to have a minimal set of tools with you to fix any mechanicals. This would include spare tubes, tyre levers, a pump, Allen keys and a spanner for wheel nuts if required.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to fix a flat though, there’s our on-route mechanics as well as a team on the ride called the WARBYs. Their name stands for We Are Right Behind You and they have the tools and expertise to fix most mechanical issues you’d have. They usually have a stash of treats as well, which lift morale and get you rolling again.

If you can’t continue, for whatever reason, there’s the SAG wagon to pick up you and your bikes. You should pull off the side of the road, turn your bikes upside down and wait for collection. Don’t be surprised if a hundred people ask if you’re OK before the sag has a chance to arrive. You're also lucky that on Around the Bay, you're never too far from a train station to get you back to the finish line at Alexandra Gardens.