Key dates & pricing

Around the Bay 2016 will be held on Sunday October 9th.

Key dates

Entries open to Bicycle Network members and corporate teams 26th April 2016
Entries open to public 2nd May 2016
Team jersey with logo cut off  17th June 2016
Early bird closes  6th July 2016
Postage cut off 12th September 2016
Last chance to update preferences 12th September 2016
Online entries close 6th October 2016
Around the Bay 2016 9th October 2016


Ride Prices

All prices are based on early bird 

20km  $37  
50km  $79  
100km Frankston return $135  
100km Sorrento - Melbourne  $135  
135km Geelong - Melbourne  $149  
160km Rosebud Return $155  
210km Sorrento return $160  
210km Anti Clockwise $210  
250km $210