Corporate teams

Rally the office and support children in need across Australia.

Last year we helped raise more than $700,000 for The Smith Family and without the support of Corporate teams we wouldn't be there. 

There are a lot of great benefits to entering a team in Around the Bay. Not only do you get access to a host of benefits, you're also promoting a healthier workplace and lifestyle.

Leaderboard: Top 10 Around the Bay Teams

Will your team be number #1? The Top Around the Bay team will receive a trophy on event day!

Team  Number of riders
Multiplex 62
John West 24
GS Peloton 22
Tour de Friends  19
Link Group Cycling Team  18
Toyota TACT 17
PPH Cardiac Rehab 13
Darren and the Downhillers 12
DXC. Technology 10
Sirius College 10


*Leaderboard will be updated weekly