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Zena Burgess

Elected: 2012

Zena is currently the CEO of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. She has several years’ working directly in health and allied health industries, diverse board and senior leadership experience. With an understanding of change processes through her professional background in psychology her skills are highly regarded.

Zena believes riding a bike is an activity which provides an easy way to travel, is healthy, safe, adventurous and friend making. Cycling can build respect for both environment and people. She is keen to build a positive reputation for cycling, cyclists and encourage community engagement within the breath of cycling participation options.

VICE President

Keir Paterson

Elected: 2016

Keir has experienced first hand the positive impact of riding a bike. Ten years ago, he rode to work for the first time and, over time, experienced a transformation in his health. He truly believes that cycling saved his life and now rides every day for transport or fun. As a Bicycle Network member, he was greatly assisted by free legal advice following a bike accident and decided to give back to the organisation by running for the Board.

In his day job as a Principal at Mercer, he advises some of Australia’s largest corporates and has worked in marketing, member services, and business development for more than 20 years. He holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Board member

Jo Curtin

Elected: 2015, re-elected in 2018

Jo is a commuter cyclist and has been an active Bicycle Network volunteer since 2008.  She encourages Bicycle Network to embrace riders of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, advocate for better infrastructure, support riders lacking confidence, and demonstrate cycling’s environmental and health benefits.

Jo is passionate about social justice and has put this passion into practice through her work in community broadcasting over the past 15+ years.  Jo is the Executive Officer of the Community Broadcasting Foundation – a not-for-profit organisation that supports and champions community broadcasting across Australia.  Jo is also a founding member of the Collingwood Football Club’s AFL Women’s team, an avid reader and a community activist.


Board member

Kerry Gill

Elected: 2014

Kerry has extensive experience in senior finance-related roles in a wide variety of businesses including not-for-profit, transport, health and manufacturing. Most recently Kerry has gained experience with AXA/AMP and NAB as a Company Secretary where she was able to combine and utilise her finance and governance skills. Her qualifications include being a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Secretary.

Kerry is a long standing member of a peninsula based recreational cycling group and has participated in a number of events over the years including Easter Bike, Great Melbourne Bike Ride, Around the Bay in a Day and a Bike SA Kangaroo Island tour. Her first involvement with Bicycle Network was over 15 years ago when her sister-in-law gave a membership as a Christmas present.

Board member

Peter Thurling

Co-opted to the Board: 2014. Elected: 2016.

Peter is an Engineer and Project Manager, with 17 years experience in Defence Industry, currently working for Taylor Bros Marine Pty Ltd.

He has been a member of Bicycle Network Tasmania for five years and has been on the committee for four.  Peter is also a member of the Clarence Council Bicycle Steering Committee.

Peter commutes to work by bike every day, rides recreationally and loves to get out on the beautiful roads and mountain bike trails in his home state.


Board member

Gillian Hatch

Elected: 2018

Gillian is passionate about encouraging more people to choose cycling as their primary mode of transport. She is strong believer in cycling’s role in making our cities safer and more accessible for everyone. These beliefs have driven her involvement in ‘Revitalise Sydney Road,’ a community organisation of which she is President. In this role she has been actively campaigning for the introduction of protected bicycle lanes on Sydney Road.

Gillian has a Masters of Architecture and has worked on a number of large scale projects both in Australia and overseas, including a Singapore based role. She is currently employed as an architectural designer at Grimshaw Architects.

A long time commuter cyclist, Gillian took up road cycling in Singapore and recently completed a cycle touring trip across Central Asia. Profile to come

Board member

James Conlan

Elected: 2017

James is a passionate believer in the capacity for bike riding to transform our cities, health and environment. He has eschewed car ownership for over 10 years to live a greener lifestyle, stay active and get from A to B more quickly. James is a former Bicycle Network employee who ran the Super Tuesday bike counts, building the case for more bike lanes to be built across Australia.

James has a Masters in Urban Planning from Melbourne University specialising in sustainable transport. At university he founded a sustainable transport advocacy group, leading 300 students and academics to advocate for sustainable transport in Melbourne. James currently works as a transport policy analyst for the state government, where he contributes by providing transport planning expertise to transport policy development and implementation.

James welcomes the opportunity to continue to advocate for people who ride bikes by joining the Bicycle Network Board.

Board member

Kate Eddy

Elected: 2017

A senior manager with over 15 years’ experience in marketing, communications and income generation roles for national non-profit organisations in the UK and Australia, Kate is a Certified Fundraising Executive and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Fundraising Institute of Australia.

She serves as a volunteer on the Fundraising Institute of Australia Victorian state committee and on the grants committee of the Melbourne Women’s Fund (a sub-find of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Fund). Since January 2018, Kate has been employed by the University of Melbourne as Senior Development Manager for the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Kate has been a member of Bicycle Network since 2011 when she immigrated to Australia. She rides her bike for transport, fun and to integrate exercise into the daily routine. Kate is passionate about increasing participation in bike riding to maximise the health benefits for all.