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Prita Jobling-Baker

Elected: 2019

Prita is a mother, a lawyer, and a rider of bicycles for commuting, recreation, racing and touring. She is passionate about getting more people on bikes and increasing the proportion of women riding – she’s volunteered at Bicycle Network as a pace setter and women’s ambassador for Peaks Challenge and Around the Bay, and as a Ride2Work Day Bicycle Angel.

Prita has Bachelors of Science and Laws, and a Master of Laws. Her professional experience is in policy, law reform, strategic advocacy and criminal law, having worked for  government, statutory entities and regulatory agencies.

In joining the Bicycle Network Board, Prita hopes to help carry our message to the community and the government, building perceptions of cycling as safe, healthy, sustainable, fun and achievable for all abilities.


James Garriock

Elected: 2019

James is the father of three riders and is committed to a healthier, happier, more sustainable Australia. 

Professionally, James is an engagement researcher. He works for a range of clients improving engagement between organisations and their customers, members, employees and other stakeholders with surveys, focus groups, deliberative forums and more. 

James is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Williamson Community Leadership Program. In addition to his work related directorships he is a director of the Melbourne Forum and past director of the Darebin Creek Management Committee. 

James’ commute is currently on a three year car/public transport free streak come rain, hail or shine. When he’s not navigating Collins St you’ll find him gravel riding in the hills, doing multi day MTB adventures in the mountains or leading Peaks Challenge training rides as a BN volunteer.

Board member

Jenica Brooke

Elected: 2020

Jenica is a strong believer in the promotion of better cycling infrastructure, legislation, behavioural change programs, and other road safety initiatives that benefit vulnerable road users. For the last five years, she has been involved in various small community groups in advocating for: Minimum Passing Distance Legislation; better cycling outcomes related to Victorian State Government projects such as the Level Crossing Removals; and safe bike lanes on Sydney Rd.

Jenica is the creator of the popular facebook page “Melbourne Commuter” and a Chartered Accountant with over 10 years’ experience in professional services and corporate governance. Who brings not only passion, but a real-life knowledge of cycling issues that affect Bicycle Network’s members every day. 


Jo Curtin

Elected: 2015, re-elected in 2018

Jo is a commuter cyclist and has been an active Bicycle Network volunteer since 2008. She encourages Bicycle Network to embrace riders of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, advocate for better infrastructure, support riders lacking confidence, and demonstrate cycling’s environmental and health benefits. Jo is passionate about social justice and has put this passion into practice through her work in community broadcasting over the past 20 years.

Jo is the Chief Executive Officer of the Community Broadcasting Foundation – a not-for-profit organisation that supports and champions community broadcasting across Australia. Jo is also a founding member of the Collingwood Football Club’s AFL Women’s team, an avid reader and a community activist.

Board member

Gillian Hatch

Elected: 2018

Gillian is passionate about encouraging more people to choose cycling as their primary mode of transport. She is strong believer in cycling’s role in making our cities safer and more accessible for everyone.  As President of advocacy organisation ‘Revitalise Sydney Road,’ she has been been actively campaigning for the introduction of protected bicycle lanes on Sydney Road.

Gillian has a Masters of Architecture and has worked on a number of large scale projects both in Australia and overseas, including a Singapore based role. She is currently working as a Project Architect at Grimshaw Architects in Melbourne.

A long time commuter cyclist, Gillian took up road cycling in Singapore and has cycle toured across Central Asia and Myanmar.

Board member

Jennifer Lang

Co-opted: 2021

Jennifer has been a bike commuter to Sydney’s CBD for 20 years, graduating to riding in winter as well as summer a few years ago. When she can persuade her family, she also loves supported cycle touring, having enjoyed cycling around the world including Vietnam, Myanmar, New Zealand, and a few countries in Europe. In 2020, she has been exploring the new popup bike paths of Sydney and has experienced first-hand the difference it makes to cycling and cyclists lives when cycling infrastructure starts becoming a network.

In her professional life, Jennifer is a Non Executive Director and Actuary, where her professional experience is in supporting and advising insurance companies and superannuation funds on financial and risk management. As an actuary, she is passionate about the difference that good data and analysis can make to decision making, and writes about this on her blog actuarial eye. She lives on Sydney’s lower north shore with her family.

Board member

Alexander Ong

Co-opted: 2021

Alex is an avid mountain biker and roadie who spends a disproportionate amount of time thinking about and tinkering with bikes. He believes that in addition to being a great sport, cycling is the most efficient and fun method of transportation. In joining the board of Bicycle Network, he is keen to see Australia develop the infrastructure and culture to support cycling in all its forms.

Professionally, Alex is an experienced General Counsel and Company Secretary with over 20 years’ experience across the financial services sector, working with boards and executive leadership teams in executing complex strategic initiatives in highly regulated and continuously changing environments.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Laws and Commerce from the University of Sydney and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Board member

Keir Paterson

Elected: 2016, co-opted to the Board in 2019, re-elected in 2020

Keir has experienced first-hand the positive impact of riding a bike. In 2008, he rode to work for the first time and, over time, experienced a transformation in his physical and mental health. He truly believes that cycling saved his life and now rides every day for transport or fun. As a Bicycle Network member, he was greatly assisted by free legal advice following a bike accident and decided to give back to the organisation by running for the Board. He has participated in eight Around the Bays and Peaks Challenge Falls Creek and Cradle Mountain.

In his day job he is a General Manager at mental health nor-for-profit SuperFriend, which is funded by industry super funds and their insurers to provide preventative mental health strategies to 7.5M working Australians. He is a Director of Bicycles 4 Humanity Melbourne and holds an MBA from Melbourne Business School. He lives in the inner west of Melbourne with his partner, three kids and eight bikes.