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annual general meeting

Bicycle Network’s Annual General Meeting is held in October and is open to members, friends and the general public.

The Annual General Meeting is a great way to find out more about Bicycle Network and what we do as an organisation.

The 2017 Annual General Meeting was held on Monday 23 October.

Two new board members and a new president were elected in 2017.

2017 election results

Board members

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Collectively, Bicycle Network’s Board has two high level responsibilities: 

1. Insight and Foresight

The Board ensures that Bicycle Network is equipped to respond to the changing circumstances in the external and internal environments in order to achieve our mission to ‘promote the health of the community through the prevention and control of disease by “More People Cycling More Often”’.

2. Oversight 

The Board is the ultimate authority in Bicycle Network and each member of the Board is responsible for Bicycle Network’s controls. These responsibilities are substantial and include law, regulations and internal controls as well as organisational liability and risk management.

Annual review

Learn about our achievements, successes and journey towards a nation of bike riders over the last few years.

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