Board nominations now open

Bicycle Network is now calling for nominations for candidates with demonstrated skills and relevant experience to join our Board.

To make a nomination, please complete the Online Nomination application form here.

To be eligible to nominate, vote, or stand for election, you must be 18 years or older and be an existing member of Bicycle Network (with at least 9 months of continuous membership).

Nominations open Monday 15 August 2022. Applications must be received by 5 pm EST Wednesday 14 September 2022.


A note from our president

The board of Bicycle Network is pleased to announce that Alison McCormack will become CEO of the organisation in August.

Alison is eminently qualified for the role. Her professional background is combined with real-world riding experience, and she has a deep respect for the culture of the organisation.

In her professional capacity, Alison is a qualified accountant with significant executive experience. She has held numerous senior leadership roles at the State Government’s flagship film and events centre, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), where she oversaw retail operations, festivals, event management, hospitality services. For many years she was also the chief financial officer.

Alison is a passionate, highly committed rider who understands first-hand the health, wellbeing, social, and environmental benefits of cycling. She rides to work every day, and spends the early mornings riding with her husband and friends. She is a regular participant in Bicycle Network’s flagship events such as Peaks Challenge and Around the Bay.

Above all, Alison has long inspired hundreds of people to ride bikes. She has been involved in numerous Women’s ambassador programs targeted to get women riding. She is also a member of Team Bicycle Network, which is committed to helping people achieve their riding goals. She has volunteered as a ride leader and ambassador for more than a decade at Peaks Challenge, and in May 2022, she was made a life member for her services to Bicycle Network.

“I am delighted and honoured by the appointment and can’t wait to combine my personal mission for getting more people on bikes with my professional background. I want to move from getting hundreds of people onto bikes as a volunteer, to hundreds of thousands as CEO of this exceptional organisation.” said McCormack.

Alison has a unique combination of skills and experiences. This role brings together her weekday role as an executive in a public-facing organisation with her out-of-hours passion for riding a bike. Culture was one of the board’s non-negotiable parameters in the CEO search and we are sure that as a long-term volunteer and life member, Alison will build on our strong cultural foundation.

“I’m thrilled the board has put their faith in me. I cannot wait to join Bicycle Network to build a strong network, advocate, and influence change for riders and make it easier to get more people riding regularly,” said McCormack.

James Garriock

Bicycle Network

8 June 2022

Board members

Collectively, Bicycle Network’s Board has two high level responsibilities: 

1. Insight and Foresight

The Board ensures that Bicycle Network is equipped to respond to the changing circumstances in the external and internal environments in order to achieve our mission to promote the health of the community through the prevention and control of disease by more people cycling more often.

2. Oversight 

The Board is the ultimate authority in Bicycle Network and each member of the Board is responsible for Bicycle Network’s controls. These responsibilities are substantial and include law, regulations and internal controls as well as organisational liability and risk management.

Board members
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