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Two thirds of Australians don’t move their bodies enough to look after their health and happiness. And when we do move around, instead of using our bodies, too often we’re using resources that are destroying our planet.


We need to get Australia moving around by bike. It’s cheap, easy, convenient and good for our environment. We want to see Australia become a nation of bike riders where our liveable communities are full of happy and healthy people pedalling.

How we make a difference

With the help of nearly 50,000 members nationwide, Bicycle Network is making it easier for everybody to ride a bike, every day.



Latest bike riding news

University travel survey finds bikes hold ground

The 2021 biennial University of Tasmania travel survey was always going to be an outlier because of the impact of COVID-19 restrictions, but pleasingly bike...

Campaign to protect vulnerable road workers

Bike riders are not the only people to experience the threatening whoosh of a far-too-fast vehicle passing on the street—road workers also confront this every...

Wellington Parade disruptions

Riders who use Bridge Road into Wellington Parade, city-bound, will encounter gas works from next week.

New cycle path between Picton and Tahmoor

Here’s some good news for anyone in the Wollondilly area who rides a bike: a new 2.4 kilometre shareway between Picton and Tahmoor will include...

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Whether you join us in the office, or out on one of our iconic events, you’ll learn new skills, build great relationships and play a role in building a nation of bike riders.

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